TFK Containers have an extensive range of units available for sale at all times. We carry a wide variety of containers for chipping and storage purposes, holding a stock of approximately 100 containers at our Portadown depot at anyone time, we also hold uniits avaiable in Dublin, Belfast and Cork.

TFK Containers are a great alternative to traditional storage and are perfect for many applications.

  • 8ft New and Used Containers
  • 10ft New and Used Containers
  • 12ft New and Used Containers
  • 20ft New and Used Containers
  • 30ft Used Containers
  • 40ft New and Used Containers
  • 45ft Used Containers
  • Standard, Semi High and High Cube Units 20ft 40ft New and Used
  • Steel Secure Offices, Canteens, Drying Rooms
  • Steel Secure Toilets, Changing Rooms, Security Huts
  • Steel Chemical Stores
  • Steel Secure Generator Stores
  • Steel Secure Bunded Stores
  • Steel Secure General Storage
  • Steel Secure Insulated Storage
  • Steel Secure Site Storage and Accommodation

To browse a sample of what we typically have on offer, please see our container browser which allows you to quickly see the options available.


8/10/12ft containers

TFK 8ft, 10ft and 12ft New and Used containers are ideal secure storage units, perfectly suited for those small spaces, they are very suitable for garden sheds, motorbike storage, stock room overflow, document storage, garden tools and furniture, small workshops.

They can be fitted with insulation, shelving, lighting, electricity sockets, whatever your requirements maybe. They can be painted to your own specific colour and supplied new and used.

If 8ft, 10ft or 12ft wont suit you we can modify and manufacture a container to your own needs, any size available, 9ft, 11ft, 13ft, 15ft just any size, any type, any colour. Contact our TFK staff, any time.

Conversion of 20ft 2nd Hand Container to an Office

Conversion of 20ft 2nd Hand Container to an Office

Standard 20ft Containers available in Grey or Navy.

Conversion of 20ft Container with a WC.

40ft 2nd Hand Red Container

Insulated 20ft Foam Spray Container

20ft Tunnel Container

20ft Tunnel Container Doors Each End